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How Does AMSOIL save money?

AMSOIL saves money for diesel owners in three significant ways

  1. Motor Oil Source Reduction through Extended Drain Capabilities
  2. Increased MPG through Reduction in Friction
  3. Increased Equipment Service Life, Fewer Repairs and Resale Value


1. Extended Drain Intervals* - Source Reduction

infographic diesel extended drain savings

AMSOIL developed the world's first extended drain technology diesel motor oils in 1975. Ever since motorists and fleet owners have put the extended drain capabilities of AMSOIL to good use.

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils neutralize acids, resist heat and controls soot longer than conventional oils. AMSOIL's premium synthetic chemistries allow motorists to safely extend drain intervals up to three times longer than OEM recommendations, saving money and time.

Extended-drain savings can be further increased when by-pass filtration and oil analysis are used.

AMSOIL has proved its effectiveness for over 40 years and billions of miles logged by our loyal customers. Now its your turn to join the savings found in the use of premium & superior technology.

*AMSOIL has documented high fuel dilution in 2007-present light-duty diesel pickups (Dodge, Ford, and GM/GMC LMM) equipped with diesel particulate filters. In these specific applications, AMSOIL recommends following the manufacturer-recommended drain interval. Oil drain intervals can be extended further with oil analysis.

2. Maximum Miles Per Gallon

diesel mpg savingsWhen internal friction is reduced in the engine, transmission, transfer case and differentials, its a proven fact that MPG increases as a result.

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil's low coefficient of friction reduces friction-related energy loss, which increases fuel economy.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Federal Test Procedure (FTP) confirms a 1.6 percent increase in fuel economy at a mix of 55/45 city/highway driving when using AMSOIL Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil in place of conventional 15W-40 diesel oils.

However, many AMSOIL users who switch over engine oil, transmission, transfer-case and differential fluids report even greater MPG improvements as high as 10%. This results in direct savings in fuel cost. Even at 1.6% fuel savings, an average vehicle can save $65.45 annually.

When combining fuel savings and extended-drain savings, AMSOIL provides diesel owners a significant overall annual cost reduction.

$174.17 annual savings per vehicle **

**Examples only. Based on December 2013 figures and average U.S. on-highway diesel fuel price. Prices subject to change.

3. Increased Equipment Service Life

When friction is reduced throughout the drive-train, component level wear is also significantly reduced. Reduced wear results in longer equipment life and fewer repairs. A well maintained equipment also runs smoother and reliably demanding higher resale value for a equipment of similar age.

AMSOIL fleet owners have testified phenomenal savings achieved through lower maintenance costs, down time, extending fleet service life and also better resale value. Many have concluded that it pays to use AMSOIL in their equipments and some refers to as cheap insurance towards expensive repairs.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricant's molecular technology coats and clings to metal surfaces. This reduces cold start wear and helps engines turn over easily, extending starter motor and battery life.






AMSOIL introduced the world's first synthetic diesel motor oil in 1975. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil was formulated to outperform conventional diesel oils on all counts. It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine performance and engine life.

Today, AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are synonymous with power and performance. They're tough, reliable and they withstand the devastating effects of severe-service towing and heavy hauling that destroy lesser oils. By reducing friction and guarding against wear, AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils increase fuel economy and help keep vehicles on the job, saving you money.

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Transmission, Gear Lubes, Grease & Filters

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Additional Information for Diesel Owners

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